Cats with Wings

There’s been quite a buzz brewing recently in the news and across the internet about the story of a cat with wings discovered in Chongqing, China. Yes, I said wings!

Cat with Wings, Chongqing, China

Cat with Wings, Chongqing, China

Reports say the cat was born normal, but began to develop extra extremities on the sides of it’s spine when it turned 1.

Read full story on MSNBC News

In the recent past, there have been several other reports of cats with wings, also located in China.

This story was reported by a woman who said her tom cat, who “now looks like a cat angel”, had sprouted two long and hairy wings.

Read the full story on MailOnline (UK news site)


Calico cat with wings

Calico cat with wings

There are several scientific explanations for cats with wings which include leg deformities, huge mats of hair, or FCA, a condition in which the cat’s skin grows into heavy folds on it’s back which then become fur covered and give the appearance of wings.
Read the full explanation by Cryptozoology

Whatever the explanation, they certainly are “angels”.

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The Story of Sparta, “The Mean Kitty”

Sparta is an egyptian mau who became an internet sensation when he appeared in the first Mean Kitty video by SMP Films. His owner Corey “Mr Safety” Williams, has filmed an entire series with this entertaining feline. If you haven’t seen the original Mean Kitty video, check out my earlier post – Click here to view video

In this video, Corey tells us the touching story of how Sparta came into his life.

In January of this year, Corey revealed that Sparta has been diagnosed with feline leukemia. Here’s an update on his condition:

Mean Kitty meets the Witch Doctor

You gotta love Sparta and the Mean Kitty videos –
In this episode, Corey hires a “doctor” to cure Sparta of his biting problem.

And speaking of biting…
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Meet the Cat who can climb walls – Charlie the Spidercat

Here’s a kitty with a unique talent – he can scale walls! Nicknamed “Charlie the Spidercat”, this kitty will climb the walls of his owners home and enter through the upstairs balcony if no one hears his cry at the front door. Read more about Charlie the Spidercat HERE

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The Mean Kitty Song – now in HD

The original “Mean Kitty Song” video on YouTube has had over 20 MILLION views to date. This is the new HD version – Enjoy!

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When your cat wants to play, give it a potato

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This kitty found the perfect place to sleep

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