Meet Yoda – the cat with 4 ears

Yoda the cat of Downer’s Grove, Illinois was born with 4 ears due to a genetic abnormality.READ THE ARTICLE


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Upside Down Kitties – Sparta, Loki and Corey



How to Draw a Sleeping Cat

This a very cool video. Learn to draw a sleeping cat with this quick and easy method starting with the number two as your foundation.

Play Bookworm!

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“River Dance” by Twisted Whiskers

Funny Video of cat chasing it’s own leash around the toilet

“Tuxedo Cat Drinking From Toilet” photographic print

Tuxedo Cat Drinking from Toilet

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Cats race on the treadmill

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Cats with Wings

There’s been quite a buzz brewing recently in the news and across the internet about the story of a cat with wings discovered in Chongqing, China. Yes, I said wings!

Cat with Wings, Chongqing, China

Cat with Wings, Chongqing, China

Reports say the cat was born normal, but began to develop extra extremities on the sides of it’s spine when it turned 1.

Read full story on MSNBC News

In the recent past, there have been several other reports of cats with wings, also located in China.

This story was reported by a woman who said her tom cat, who “now looks like a cat angel”, had sprouted two long and hairy wings.

Read the full story on MailOnline (UK news site)


Calico cat with wings

Calico cat with wings

There are several scientific explanations for cats with wings which include leg deformities, huge mats of hair, or FCA, a condition in which the cat’s skin grows into heavy folds on it’s back which then become fur covered and give the appearance of wings.
Read the full explanation by Cryptozoology

Whatever the explanation, they certainly are “angels”.

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